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Let's Celebrate Earth Day!

woman in flowy dress standing on top of Maunakea holding a large glass earth ball above her head
Happy Earth Day!

As we observe Earth Day here in Hawaii, it's essential to recognize the unique environmental challenges our beautiful islands face. Living near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, we encounter 15-20 tons of marine debris, mostly plastic, washing up on our shores each year, severely threatening our natural ecosystems and wildlife. Moreover, our cherished coral reefs suffer from rising ocean temperatures and acidity, jeopardizing these critical habitats for numerous marine species.

As a fashion-conscious resident of Hawaii, I am committed to adopting sustainable practices not only in my daily life but also in my approach to fashion. Here’s how we can collectively make a significant impact:

  1. Choose Sustainable Fashion: Support brands that are committed to eco-friendly practices. Investing in high-quality, durable clothing can reduce the frequency of our purchases and lower our environmental footprint.

  2. Embrace Second-Hand and Vintage: Purchasing second-hand or vintage clothing helps extend the lifecycle of garments and reduces the demand for new textiles, which are major sources of pollution.

  3. Support Circular Fashion Initiatives: Participate in initiatives by brands that offer recycling programs or design their products with the end-of-life in mind, which helps in reducing fashion waste.

  4. Advocate for Sustainability: Use your influence to promote sustainable practices within our community. Sharing your journey towards eco-friendly fashion choices can inspire others to adopt environmentally conscious decisions.

Facing significant challenges such as plastic pollution, coral reef degradation, and freshwater scarcity, we are also striving towards ambitious targets like achieving 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality by 2045. Achieving these goals requires collective action from all of us. This Earth Day, let us reflect on how our individual choices, including those related to fashion, can contribute to preserving our magnificent islands and the planet. I know I am not perfect and there are areas in my life where I can improve to minimize my environmental impact. However, I am constantly reminding myself, my son, and others around us that we can always do better.

What actions can we, as residents and as global citizens, take now to make a difference?

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