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2023 Wedding Chicks Badge

I am thrilled to share that the beauty transformation of my client and bride Elyn, has been featured on Wedding Chicks, an online portal for everything wedding. Elyn's fairytale wedding was held at La Pietra, the former Dillingham estate in Honolulu. It was a truly enchanting event beautifully documented by The Present Perfect photographer and executed in the final month by Nichole Weddings Coordination.

I employed a blend of premium products to achieve a radiant complexion for Elyn's flawless bridal makeup. We began by applying the luxurious Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Priming Moisturizer, creating a perfect base for the foundation. The eyes were enhanced with a soft and romantic eyeshadow palette, such as the Dior Backstage. For a captivating gaze, we used a touch of L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara to complete the look. Elyn's lips received a buttery and nourishing finish with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, adding the perfect concluding touch to her bridal makeup.

As for Elyn's hair, I crafted a classic chignon with a modern twist, beautifully complementing her Vera Wang "Helena" ballgown. To achieve a hairstyle like Elyn's, consider consulting with me for personalized product recommendations tailored to your hair type and desired look.

Elyn's choice of the Vera Wang "Helena" ballgown was a testament to luxury and tradition, featuring three exquisite handmade Chantilly lace patterns that created a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect. Each lace piece was meticulously placed, resulting in a truly unique gown. Elyn's bridal look effortlessly blended opulent details with impeccable design, perfectly embodying her vision of a princess-inspired gown for this special day.

How would you envision your dream wedding look?

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