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Bridal LOVE

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Portrait of Dorys and Jules at Four Seasons Resort Koolina
Dorys Foltin and Jules Bly

You got engaged last year and now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start planning.

You realise it’s an overwhelming project especially when you take in to consideration everything you need to research; the venue, your wedding gown, your make-up and hair styling, your flowers not to mention the catering, the photographer, music…the list goes on.

Wisely, you decide to hire a wedding coordinator to handle all the planning aspects however you still have to decide, which gown is right for you, what make-up will help you look amazing and whether you should wear your hair up or down?

Luckily we’re here to assist you and your wedding entourage with your wedding fashion.

Who are we? We are Julyys Wedding Fashion Styling. Essentially we style you for your wedding and ensure that all your wedding day fashion and beauty looks are taken care of.

Jules Bly (a couture wedding gown designer) and I met several years ago on a bridal fashion shoot in Hawaii. We came to understand that bride’s need help with their wedding fashion because, frankly, most brides have never done it before. Collectively, we have over 50 years’ experience between us so you could say we’re pro’s at this.

We founded @julyysweddingfashionstylist because we recognised that where the wedding coordinator’s role finished, we needed to begin.

Since our introduction Jules and I have travelled the world together, constantly sourcing inspiration, keeping ahead with the trends and reinventing the wedding wheel.

To ensure your wedding pictures are as fabulous as any fashion editorial, we will have your fashion and beauty perfected from head to toe - so you can shine as bright as a diamond on your special day.

Jules Bly dressing bride at Four Seasons Resort Koolina

Wedding Site Four Seasons Resort Koolina

Photography by Mangolimestudios

Wedding dress by Jules Bly

Styling by Julyys Wedding Fashion Stylist

Dorys Foltin doing final touches on bride at Four Seasons Resort Koolina

To inquire about our pricing and packages feel free so send us a message via the contact form or instant chat box.

Bridal Beauty Portraits by MANGO LIME STUDIOS.

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