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First Impressions Count: Transform Your Profile with a Pro Headshot

Updated: Apr 22

Creative headshot with pro makeup, hair styling and wardrobe consult
Creative headshot with pro makeup, hair styling and wardrobe consult

In today's digital world, having a compelling professional image is essential. A great way to achieve this is through a professional headshot. For the past seven years, I have collaborated with Tracy Wright Corvo ( to create flawless professional headshots, making us a standout choice in Hawaii's photography scene. Although we operate as separate entities, our integrated approach combines expert photography, sophisticated makeup, and meticulous wardrobe styling, ensuring that you present the best version of yourself.

Transforming from an amateur to a professional headshot is a remarkable experience. We'll guide you from poorly lit, awkwardly posed, and inappropriately dressed amateur photos to polished, refined headshots. This dramatic change is a testament to the power of professional intervention, and we invite you to experience this transformation for yourself.

Tracy's professional headshots do more than capture your image; they convey credibility and set you apart in a competitive market. They reflect your dedication to quality and align perfectly with your branding. With a professionally crafted headshot, you can confidently enhance your LinkedIn profile and elevate your professional presence.

Take a look at Jean's transformation for a clear example. She booked creative headshots with Tracy and kindly shared her old self-generated headshot. After a detailed wardrobe consultation, makeup and hair make-over, and the photo shoot, the results are stunning. Check out the photos below to see the powerful impact of our combined professional styling and photography. To book your creative headshot session, click here: Tracy Wright Corvo - Creative Headshots. #ProfessionalDevelopment #CareerGrowth #Headshots #MakeupArtistry #WardrobeStyling

Before and after headshot of business woman
Before and After

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