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Aloha from Hawaii to Dubai!

Updated: Jan 10

ALOHA DUBAI! Exciting news! I'm bringing 18 years of experience and the spirit of ALOHA to the vibrant bridal beauty scene in Dubai from Jan 31 to Feb 7, 2024. Eager to connect with local photographers, wedding planners, and beauty entrepreneurs to share insights, collaborate, and explore the fusion of Hawaii's beauty trends with Dubai's unique style. Let's create magic together! Open to networking, workshops, and destination wedding collaborations. Ready to showcase the best of Hawaii in Dubai! Let's connect. DM me for more info. hashtag#BeautyCollaboration hashtag#HawaiiMeetsDubai hashtag#MakeupArtistInDubai hashtag#NetworkingMagic hashtag#dubai hashtag#dubaibusinessforum Photo by Christie Pham and Kevin Lubera  Aloha from Hawaii to Dubai by Dorys Foltin

Elegant style of a bride getting married in Hawaiii with a Phalaenopsis in her hair.

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