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Introducing the 6-Month Makeup Passport

Introducing the 6-Month Makeup Passport: Your VIP Beauty Access for the Empowered Woman on the Move!

For the dynamic businesswoman, CEO, and entrepreneur who commands attention at galas, public functions, awards ceremonies, and TV appearances, we present the ultimate beauty solution - the 6-Month Makeup Passport. Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, this exclusive passport grants you access to eight premium makeup sessions, all at an unbeatable discounted rate of $880, offering you incredible savings of $120!

Why choose the 6-Month Makeup Passport?

  1. Tailored Elegance: Our skilled makeup artists specialize in creating looks that enhance your natural beauty while exuding sophistication and confidence. Each session is customized to suit your unique style and the occasion.

  2. Convenience, Uninterrupted: No need to stress about last-minute makeup dilemmas. With the 6-Month Makeup Passport, you have your beauty sessions scheduled ahead of time, ensuring you look flawless for every event on your busy calendar.

  3. Time-Efficient Expertise: Our artists are trained to work efficiently, so you can focus on what you do best. In just a short session, you'll be transformed into a vision of radiance, ready to take on any stage.

  4. Cost-Efficient Investment: Valued at $1,000, the 6-Month Makeup Passport offers you an impressive $100 in savings. This passport is not only about looking stunning; it's also about making a wise financial decision.

  5. Premium Products, Professional Results: We use only the highest quality, long-lasting makeup products, ensuring your flawless look stays intact from the red carpet to the after-party.

  6. Personalized Beauty Experience: Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look or a bold, avant-garde style, our makeup artists are adept at bringing your vision to life. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  7. Red-Carpet Ready, Every Time: With the 6-Month Makeup Passport, you'll be prepared to step onto any stage, camera-ready and radiating confidence, leaving a lasting impression.

Makeup Passport Dorys Foltin
Makeup Passport

Elevate your presence and make every appearance memorable with the 6

Month Makeup Passport. Experience the power of professional makeup artistry, designed to complement the extraordinary woman you are.

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