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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Times are still rough, and it seems the pandemic is not making any stop in slowing down the Covid-19 spread in Hawaii, nor it shows zero signs it produces less waste. In fact, I am noticing increased usage of packaging and disposables to minimize the exposure to the virus. It feels like we are 10 steps back again in the department of waste management. Just yikes. 

Raised in Austria, I have been taught early age to collect glass bottles and newspaper for recycling purposes and be mindful of consumerism and avoid plastic at any cost. Austrian culture values it's lush forests, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. And so do I. I care about Hawaii as it is my home for 25 yrs and it is up to me how I treat it and respect it. Being passionate about preserving nature not only for my son and his generation and the next one, I have this nagging voice inside me, kicking my ass to initiate a change. Where in my professional life, I can make a difference? 

I am sure you have heard the term Fast Fashion. So precisely, the same applies to the beauty industry. Fast Beauty has been a big problem. And I am totally guilty of it. The newest lipgloss here, the latest foundation there oh, and have you had yet this? OMG, this can go on. I always felt pressured by my industry to keep up and carry the newest products in my kit and cater to my clients' high expectations to work with the latest and hip makeup lines. However, one day, exactly 119 days ago, I decided NO I don't have to. Enough with this nonsense. I will not buy into "you have to have this and that" mentality anymore. DONE!

I made a promise to myself to convert people to stick to THE ONE. Stick to the one product that you know it works and delivers results. Stick to the one lipgloss until its finished. Stick to the ONE foundation until you squeeze the last drop out of the tube before buying a new one. Just stick to the products that work, period! Stick to the cream that you so enjoy and makes you feel beautiful. THE ONE. I am not saying that you should stick to it forever. Our tastes and skin changes, and each period in life requires different products to support that. I am referring to the Slow Beauty movement that has been slowly emerging from the thick jungles of fast food cosmetics. Slow Fashion and Slow Beauty will go hand in hand and hope that this pandemic has finally kicked the curb's unhealthy consumerism and let the converted move Hawaii and the rest of the world to a cleaner and better place with little waste. That is the ideal - finding ways to prevent adding more to the landfills and practice to control the urge to continually buy new cosmetics we don't really need. It only takes 66 days to start a new habit. So go, girl!

#buysolo and support the slow beauty movement. Support cosmetic lines that eliminated the second and secondary packaging.
Maleana Facial Oil

My contribution as a converted in the business world is to eliminate all second and secondary packaging in my makeup line. It refers to the box and the packaging within the box that holds & surrounds the product in cosmetic lingo. I always felt this was such a waste, and now is the time to start this trend. All my products come pure, or as I jokingly say "solo" without an outer layer of extra waste. And all the product information, photos, instructions, and features are digitized and virtually accessible instantly on your phone via my website, TikTok and Instagram @dorysfoltin. Don't you love that? Just imagine all beauty companies would follow my ideal world. Together we can certainly make a massive impact—one step at a time. 

Let's start a trend, be a part of this clean beauty movement and tag #the👆🏼 #buysolo and #tosslastdrop to flood the social media platforms, and be environmentally friendly, conscious cosmetic consumer babes. 

P.S You look beautiful today!



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